Mayer Hall is run by the Joseph Mayer Community Partnership (JMCP). JMCP is a group of volunteers who were formed in 2014, but they join a legacy of caretakers of Mayer’s vision that dates back to the 1860s. Joseph Mayer was a Victorian philanthropist, traveller, antiquarian and jeweller. After moving to Bebington, Mayer brought running water, gas, a park, a free library and a museum to the community (Mayer’s collection of ancient artefacts was split between Bebington and Liverpool into what later became The World Museum).

The Mayer Hall volunteers (JMCP) wish to fulfil Mayer’s vision by supporting the education and well being of the community and restoring the buildings for community use.  They do this through low-cost or free community events, opening the hall to community and charity groups and supporting small businesses. Mayer’s home (Pennant House) is currently used by the council, and the volunteers manage Mayer Hall. Our aim is to bring the Free Library (Clock Tower Building) back into use as a community building and make some updates to Mayer Hall. By volunteering, donating, promoting, liking, or just coming along to join us, you can help us fulfil Mayer’s vision: your community.